“Who’s makin’ loud?”

So asked a curious, two-year-old grandson as he heard an unusual noise. I wondered too.

I’m Candace Hackett Shively, and Makin’ Loud is my work, my ideas, questions and comments about art quilts, creative projects, and the nature of creativity itself, all OUT LOUD. There are colors that are LOUD and questions oh so subtle.  Your comments have a voice here too (moderated for appropriateness).


photo credit: Mary Murphy

Who is Makin’ Loud?

I am.

In case you are curious about me:

Have played with fabric for over 50 years.

Art quilter since 1990.

First quilt: 1977.

I “remember” colors.

Multi-decade veteran teacher, teacher educator, and educational technology professional,  (now retired). One of my biggest areas of interest is creativity and creative process. Yes, I taught about it, wrote about it, presented about it, etc.

Recently free to pursue the creative projects that had disappeared for over a decade as my job ate my life. You’ll notice The Hiatus in my portfolio.

Undergraduate English major, unofficial art “minor.” Interdisciplinary M.A. in Humanities (Writing, art quilts).

Follow my eclectic interests  on Pinterest  (chshively), Instagram (chshively), or Twitter (@cshively).


Located in middle Atlantic, USA.


Comments welcome

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